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Convenient, Competitive ($), Compliant and Care !

Contact Lenses are prescription medical devices regulated by the FDA for patient safety just like a Pacemaker for your heart.

Like Rx drugs, contact lenses are prescribed by your eye doctor for a specific lens material (polymer, curvature, diameter, O2 etc) according each patient’s needs. Like Rx drugs, different contact lenses have different characteristics and are NOT interchangeable between different classes or brands. Penicillin is NOT the same as Ciprofloxacin even though both are antibiotics.

Like Rx drugs, contact lens prescriptions EXPIRE usually at 1 year. When you are placing a foreign object in your eye on a daily basis, it is common sense for that prescription medical device to be evaluated by your eye doctor ONCE PER YEAR.  This is true even if you have no symptoms and you are satisfied with your vision.  Serious complications CAN and DO occur with simple contact lens wear and the purpose is to both prevent problems and maximize the quality of your vision rather than fixing damage once it begins.

CONVENIENT:   Order online here and your lenses will be shipped directly to your home or office !  We work with ALL available lenses on the market and most are ready for immediate shipping !  (except for custom lenses, of course)

COMPETITIVE:  Our lens prices are specifically set to be competitive with other online retailers so you have the confidence that you are getting your lenses at a good and fair price.  We don’t engage in deceptive retail advertising to trick you into what appears to be a low price only to have additional handling, shipping or other fees added later.

COMPLIANT: We ensure that your contact lens order is consistent with what your doctor has prescribed. If you need an appointment either for a problem or for your annual examination, we will assist you right away.  Like Rx drugs, it is ILLEGAL to dispense/sell contact lenses that are inconsistent with your eye doctor’s prescription and ILLEGAL to refill a prescription past its’ expiration date.  Unfortunately, this happens frequently by retailers whose only interest/business is selling boxes.

CARE: We care about about your eyes, your sight and your family and we care about you receiving the contact lenses you need.  We are as convenient and competitive as other sources but we also provide proper prescription compliance so that you continue to be safe and see your best both today and for years to come !